Workshop "Painting with the Colours of the Earth" at Summer Education Week at Langenlois - August 30, 2010



Within the scope of the 2010 Summer Education Week on August 30 at the Langenlois horticultural school, amongst others, also a workshop regarding „Painting with the Colours of the Earth" took place.

15 male and female teachers and staff members of the Lower Austrian agricultural school sector participated.

The room in which the workshop took place was divided into "buffet tables" and work stations.

There was a buffet with diverse types of earth, mortars, sieves, graters (for preparing the spreading material).

At the „colour buffet" the Colours of the Earth were stirred together. The participants were very interested, and they wondered about the natural possibilities of preparing the colours (earth, yolk, water, carnation oil).

The next step was the "tool buffet": brush, roller, fork, rubber, toothbrushes ... invited for experimenting. In this way, after a short span of time, the first pieces of art came into existence.

For some participants, the SOILart Calendar and the catalogue of the exposition were a wonderful source of inspiration. You will find further information about this topic under:

In the second part of the workshop, we were preparing a curd borax glue, and we opened the next "buffet" with natural materials, pieces of linen, scissors, and glue. On canvases, very plastic pieces of art were composed next.

All buffet tables were highly frequented, in an easy atmosphere the work was performed with high concentration, the creativity of the participants was conferred upon one another, very distinct techniques were tried out and newly invented, respectively.

After cleaning, there was a summary (recipes), and a feedback round.

We took once again a close look on all of the paintings - an astounding result for this three hour workshop.

Many thanks to all participants for this successful workshop.

Helga Edtbrustner (Workshop Supervisor)