SONDAR Field Trip to Angern/Stillfried, Niedersulz and Kleinweikersdorf


On July 5, 2012 a field day took place to the possible target area of the project within the framework of the SONDAR CZ-AT project with the support of the Lower Austrian Government, Department of Rural Development. In the morning, the impressive soil profiles at Stillfried were visited, and explained in detail by Dr. Peticzka.

In the afternoon, Mr. Eichinger guided the participants in the museum village at Niedersulz through the Baptist Museum. Exciting insights into life and craft of the Baptists were offered.

After a nourishing snack at the Pamperl wine tavern at Kleinweikersdorf, the landlord himself guided the participants of the field trip through the Weinviertel vineyards. Greening vineyards is one of the focuses of the SONDAR CZ-AT project, in order to counteract soil degradation.

Mr. Pamperl showed various methods of soil cultivation in viticulture to the delegation, and referred to much surface wash, when heavy rainfalls take place, if greening is lacking or insufficient.

One of the highlights was certainly also the visit of the families of European ground squirrels in the on-site vineyards with excellent greening of the Pamperl family.

Download of documentation of field trip:

Stillfried soil profile

Stillfired documentation of field trip

Documentation of Baptist Museum

Ground Squirrel Wine - description