Humus management and regional bio-fertilizer production


Why humus?

Humus is the basis of soil fertility. There is hardly any soil property that is not positively affected by the humus.

  • Humus improves nutrient supply

Humus improves the plant availability of main and trace nutrients.

  • Humus improves the soil structure

Humus is important for crumb stability.

  • Humus improves water storage

The higher the humus content, the more water the soil can store.

  • Humus improves infiltration

A soil rich in humus can absorb water faster (infiltration).

  • Humus prevents erosion

The better crumb stability, water storage and infiltration mean less erosion.

That's why it's important for every farmer to know
whether the humus content of their soil rises or falls.

With the method of humus balance can be calculated with little effort on the basis of the management data of the farm or field, whether the humus content on a field impact rises or falls. The humus management project has a humus balance seminar series in Lower Austria, where interested farmers can learn all about humus and learn how to calculate humus balance sheets for their operation. With the humus balancing tool from Bio Forschung Austria, you can easily figure out how to reach the goal of maintaining or increasing soil humus quickly and cost-effectively.

The seminars in the project are free of charge for the participants.
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