31th Conferece of the Danube Region will take place on 24th and 25th September 2024 in Tulln Austria

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Soil Management and Monitoring Approaches for Different Purposes:
Challenges and Perspectives for Farmers, Scientists and Authorities.

Soil monitoring activities may serve different purposes, ranging from soil fertility management at farm scale to global soil health assessments by international organisations.

Sampling strategies, time scales of replication, soil health indicators and analytical approaches are determined by purpose and availability of resources.

Emerging aspects of soil health such as contamination by microplastic, persistent organic pollutants, or rare earth and platinum group elements as well as soil biodiversity / biological integrity require special attention to make soil monitoring activities fit for the future.

This conference calls for participants from different stakeholder groups such as farmers, scientists, and representatives of authorities and communities across the Danube region to exchange information on current approaches of soil monitoring, and to discuss emerging requirements for targeted, cost-effective soil monitoring at different scales.