Patent of the Year by TU And BOKU


"Method and device for producing artificial snow"
 AT 508647B1 2015-03-15

A new type of snow-making method, patented by the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, is also nominated for the "Patent of the Year" award: In a cylindrical chamber up to six meters high (= artificial cloud), snow with different densities is generated for specific applications. On the one hand, nucleation nuclei are formed by injecting minute drops of water into the freezing-point chamber, and on the other hand, the introduction of humid air masses creates an environment that favors the growth of snow crystals. The processes are similar to those in natural clouds, but they can be controlled in the artificial cloud. This results in a higher snow quality and requires less water and energy than with conventional methods. The inventors include Meinhard Breiling, Michael Bacher, Sergey Sokratov and Frederick George Best.

We congratulate the BOKU and the TU Vienna for their outstanding performance. We are especially pleased that Dr. Meinhard Breiling is in the inventor team. Dr. Breiling heads the Institute of Technology and Tourism and Landscape at the Vienna University of Technology.
He is also involved in the BIENE (Soil and Bioenergy and Sustainability Network Lower Austria EU) and very actively involved in building the SONDAR (Soil and Sustainability Network in the Danube Region).
He still carries out a lot of research in the field of sustainability.
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